Touch points

Our primary service touch-points
These are some of our typical touch points within your organisation in order to transform your selling performance:

Growth StrategiesWe work with the top team to devise strategy and plans to achieve desired growth or exit.
market focus and sales managementWe work with Sales & Marketing to focus their market and proposition on the sweet spot to attract customers, and with sales management to structure the sales team and define the appropriate KPIs which can foretell future results.
sales induction, training & coachingWe work with the sales force so they truly understand the proposition, market, competitive landscape, the tactics to approach the market and the management feedback needed to avoid surprises.
sales effectivenessWe work with the sales force on the implementation of the tactics to achieve the maximum return on effort.
Customer engagementWe work with the sales force on engaging the customer for mutually beneficial deals, delivering the value your customers appreciate at the margins you can afford.

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