Business growth

Business Growth

Are you an owner manager or business leader, looking to take the next step?

As your business grows, so too the C level team may need to evolve; focusing more on strategy and less on operations, or delegating specific functions. Sometimes, trying to achieve this on your own can be frustrating and risky, requiring a steep learning curve.

In such times of change it can be more cost effective to use external resources to provide the particular skills to successfully design and implement the changes as they are likely to be significantly different to the skills required to maintain the new environment.  An interim appointment is often ideal for these circumstances.

We can work with you and your top team to develop strategic and tactical (sales) plans for:

Growth: providing support, advice and guidance for directors and owners who are dealing with the many problems arising from growing a company in today’s tough business environment.

“Performative has helped us to refocus on our current products and also to look at new markets and we are working as a board far more efficiently.” Director, International Mailing company.

“The work done by Performative created a great foundation for what is now a very successful business.” MD, IT Solutions company.

Succession: If business success has been heavily reliant on your involvement, it is natural to be apprehensive when handing the reins to others so you can devote more energy to the future of the business and coaching your successors, or to freeing you for your next business. We identify the profile of your ideal recruit and shortlist appropriate candidates for your final decision.

“In early 2010 we decided to recruit a Commercial Director to take over the management of the sales and marketing function from me and Performative designed and ran the entire recruitment project. The service provided was excellent as it allowed me to spend more of my time on business, both operationally and strategically, while Performative ran the recruitment project.” MD, IT Parts company.

“Having Performative involved in recruitment of crucial sales appointments gave me peace of mind to leave the UK and build our US operation.” CEO, On-line Education Support company.

Structural Change: drawing on a wealth of practical experience to support you in the preparation and execution of strategy for; new market penetration, acquisitions, mergers, outsourcing, floatation or post-acquisition/merger harmonisation.

“Following the successful completion of a Sales Performance Transformation programme, Performative continued to work with us in support of a plan to effect a management buy-out by existing senior executives. Their wealth of business experience and specific knowledge of the M&A market enabled Performative to provide me with real practical help in finding my way through the minefield of the MBO. In particular it helped me to understand what to expect from the accountants, lawyers and banks, and thus prepare for their processes in funding an MBO. Performative also provided invaluable assistance to the members of the MBO team. Without the support of Performative this would have been a much more difficult exercise peppered with pitfalls.” CEO, Communications company.

Exit: providing expert assistance in preparing your company to make it an attractive proposition for trade sale, divestment or MBI/MBO, enabling you to focus on business as usual and retain business value.

“Performative drove the process throughout, without which support either the business would have suffered or the deal would never have completed. Since completion Performative have continued to support us through the early stages of integration. I am extremely happy with the result they have obtained for us.” MD, Media Agency.

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Terry Toms

R & D Tax Credits – Hints on eligibility

So why particularly R&D tax credits? Well if you differentiate yourself through truly innovative USPs, perhaps you deserve some support for your efforts.  Will it hurt to at least ask? This could be money you are entitled to and in those cases you will enjoy the benefits of a nice lump sum of overpaid back tax.  Such an injection of funds; with no strings attached, could for example be deployed on a project to accelerate revenue generation and thereby to produce more profit – a virtuous circle indeed!

R & D TAX – Helping to Fund Innovation

Terry Toms

Could you benefit? Request a free R&D Tax Audi

According to the latest government statistics more than 8400 SMEs have benefitted from R&D Tax Credits by an average of in excess of £43,000 – and since then the rate at which R&D Tax Credits are paid has increased by more than 60% and qualifying conditions are now much less stringent than they were. There has never been a better time for SMEs to invest in developing new products, processes, services, devices or materials. Your company does not even have to be paying Corporation Tax in order to benefit – and you can often claim for the last two financial years. The claims process need not be arduous and HMRC will often pay out within 4 or 5 weeks.

Yet – Less than 0.20% of SMEs made claims. In the last six months we have helped more than 50 companies make first claims. These have been worth between £20,000 and £200,000 to those SMEs. R & D Tax Credits can be claimed by almost any limited company. Here a few examples, some of which may not be that obvious:

  • A Test and Calibration specialist developing an innovative air flow testing device and deep cleaning processes for heat exchangers.
  • A legal company developing award winning, innovative, paperless conveyancing processes.
  • Numerous Software development companies developing innovative Cloud based eCommerce and eBusiness systems.
  • A construction company developing project and work control systems using mobile and internet technologies to transform processes, and profitability in managing large refurbishment contracts.
  • A winch design and manufacturing company, developing innovation solutions where none were previously available.
  • A financial services business able to respond with innovative products and marketing/sales methods through the rapid development of eBusiness software.
  • A firm of bailiffs able to develop portable and web systems which transform operational processes efficiency and cash collection rates.
  • A software development tools company able to create an innovative development platform.
  • An injection moulding company specialising in developing the tooling and manufacturing process to address very complex moulding challenges, creating innovative products and components.
  • A number of companies developing innovative, low cost web hosting services.
  • A conveyor design and manufacturer creating innovative conveyor systems and controls.
  • A highly successful electronics manufacturer winning significant international business, through finding more innovative designs, materials and manufacturing processes.

If you have created truly innovative USPs, perhaps you too can receive some credit for your efforts. Will it hurt to at least ask?

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Article kindly provided by guest author Terry Toms of RandDTax for our April 2013 newsletter.