Key goals you’d like to achieve

Selling can be likened to a chess game; you need to plan your moves, anticipate those of others so that you can either preempt or counter them, continually review the end game, and know when you can win or should cut your losses and concede.

If you are looking to raise your sales game and increase your:

  • Revenue from
    • new business from new customers
    • additional business from existing customers
  • Pipeline reliability
  • Margins
  • Market share

Or maybe you are considering your next big step; merger, acquisition, or exit and need to ensure you’re in good shape.

Our efforts are focused on meeting your needs, your priorities, your budget.

Others have appreciated our efforts in achieving their outcomes …

“During the 15 month period of the Performative project we were going through significant change across the business. The extensive business knowledge of the senior Performative staff enabled them to make a major contribution to our change programme going well beyond the scope of the sales project. The work done by Performative created a great foundation enabling us to maintain consistent double digit growth over the past 3 years. I have no hesitation in recommending Performative to any company needing help with business or sales performance issues.”   MD, Medical Devices company.

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