Are you planning to grow your revenue?

Most businesses that we work with are trying to expand to enjoy the increased opportunities offered by the recovering economy. However, most also report consistent challenges with; finding enough new and repeat business, missed targets, unreliable sales forecasts and margins being eroded by discounting.  The answer that many seek is to expand the sales team but further challenges come in the form of; difficulty in finding good candidates, getting the good ones to join and then retaining them long enough to get a RoI on the recruitment, induction and training costs.

A recent article from Alinean reinforces the cost and delay factors mentioned in our April Newsletter . The article cites information from CSO Insights which said most salespeople take ten or more months to become fully productive.  The same article quoted Forrester as saying it can take as much as 36 months in certain industries.  This, despite the fact that most new sales people are hired from similar industries.

Some turn to technology in the hope that it will make sales people unnecessary.  This can work in some businesses with straight forward propositions and shorter selling cycles but for most businesses sales people are still an essential part of the way they find and win new customers and new business.

So, if you need sales people, but cannot find enough well qualified capable people what will you do?

Internal Sales Academies – an answer to; “where have all the great sales people gone?”

We would suggest if you cannot find them; grow your own – this is precisely what our tailored Sales Academy is designed to deliver.  Our approach will also shorten the time required for new recruits to become fully productive.

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