Get payback from your USPs?

A virtuous circle

As the primary focus of these newsletters is methods, techniques and processes for generating more profitable revenue, our readers might wonder why we are starting this edition with an article on R&D tax credits.  The answer is simple; while we believe that the solution to the majority of business issues is rooted firmly in rigorous and sustainable profit generation we also believe you should do everything you legitimately can to keep as much of that profit as you can.

So why particularly R&D tax credits?  Well if you differentiate yourself through truly innovative USPs, perhaps you deserve some support for your efforts.  Will it hurt to at least ask?  This could be money you are entitled to and in those cases you will enjoy the benefits of a nice lump sum of overpaid back tax.  Such an injection of funds; with no strings attached, could for example be deployed on a project to accelerate revenue generation and thereby to produce more profit – a virtuous circle indeed!