What Holds Your Business Back?

It has always been our purpose to find answers to this question, to find more and better ways to improve business and selling performance for our customers.

One mechanism involves tracking surveys seeking to identify “What holds your business back?” conducted amongst CEOs, MDs, other board members, key shareholders and special interest groups such as trade body members.  Albeit it in different words, the things that such surveys always rank as the top four issues are:

  • Not selling enough to grow the top line
  • The sales cycle is too long
  • Not converting enough leads into orders
  • Sales forecasts are not accurate enough.

We were amazed when these very things came out as the top four issues in a recent AberdeenGroup report looking at “Sales Performance Management 2012” which was published at the end of 2011.  Here we are 11 years down the line and businesses are still reporting the same issues.

We were also interested to read a quote from Andrew Goodwin, a senior economic advisor to the Ernst & Young Item Club, who said; “Businesses are waiting for the economy to pick up before they start spending…”.

Keeping expenditure under control is always a good idea but it is risky to lump all types of expenditure into one big bucket.  We think that now is a very good time to spend money growing the top line which is the only real way to increase profits and improve cash flow.  If you do it now, while your competitors are still holding back, you will steal a march on them.  By the time they notice what you have achieved, you will be driving the bandwagon and they will be trying to jump aboard.

Don’t let your business be held back – call us to find out how to get moving in the right direction.