Learning & Skills Council

The Outcome:

Over a four month period, Performative assisted this particular LSC to reach many of the medium to larger organisations in its area.  Using Performative’s unique business development approach, the LSC gained visit opportunities in 1 out of every 5 potential customers on the database.

“I was delighted with the excellent customer service from the team both in terms of professional advice and responsiveness.” Director, LSC

The Challenge

A local Learning & Skills Council (LSC) had launched ‘Profit from Learning’, a Government sponsored initiative designed to offer NVQ Level 2 training to thousands of businesses across the UK.  Following a successful pilot, and working in conjunction with the local Business Link, they had reached 1,000 companies and provided learning opportunities to around 4,000 individuals in their region.  As a result of this success, and following further investment, the initiative was extended with the ultimate aim of reaching the Government’s target of 12,500 learner opportunities throughout the region.

The LSC Director recognised that to create higher learner numbers they needed to overcome the challenge of developing opportunities in the medium to large organisations, which had previously proved more difficult.  In particular, they wished to gain appointments for LSC Skills Brokers to visit these organisations, in order to discuss the benefits of the ‘Profit from Learning’ scheme.

The Performative Solution

Performative worked with the LSC to structure and run a Lead Generation programme to meet the objectives of accessing larger organisations.  The process followed three phases:

  • Initiation: This crucial phase established the foundation of the whole programme by creating a well-structured framework.  Key elements included:
    • Agreement of the aims, objectives and success criteria.
    • Market segmentation, target companies and contact types.
    • Contact database creation/refinement.
  • Proposition: This important step ensured that the messages were clear and concise:
    • Definition of the detailed market proposition.
    • Tailoring of the message to different target contact types.
    • Supporting collateral.
  • Ramp Up: This phase initiated the actual Lead Generation activity and included:
    • Intensive, but highly targeted telephone calling.
    • Setting appointments and ensuring onward briefing to LSC staff.
    • Review and refinement of the proposition in the light of feedback from various types of decision maker.